The Secret Room (and Hard Mode) is available after completing the game once. It is accessed from the menu before loading or starting a game. It is essentially Fiona's bedroom, but with different features that can be attained and viewed through continued play.

Fiona and Hewie in the Secret Room

Play Type ListEdit

Play Types are recorded as they are achieved, and there are eleven in all. They are only visible upon completion of the game on the Results screen, or in the Secret Room on the wall by the bed.

Changing AreaEdit

All of Fiona's wardrobe is available in this room, and both Fiona and Hewie can try on costumes as they are received.

Character GalleryEdit

The player can view all of the costumes for each character, as well as see special animated movements of each character.

Mini GameEdit

The door by the bed leads to a short mini game ("Dog's Best Friend") where the player controls Hewie, rather than Fiona. The player must bark to get Fiona's attention, as well as attack enemies who are chasing her, while leading her from the starting point to the ending point.

Art GalleryEdit

The art gallery has all of the concept art for the development of the game. Early designs for characters are also included.

Movie GalleryEdit

Cutscenes are available for viewing at the projection screen as they become unlocked. They are listed chronologically and with titles, but will only have question marks if the player has not seen the cutscene yet. To get all of the cutscenes revealed without unlocking them all, the player can simply complete the game four times and receive each different ending.

Music GalleryEdit

The soundtrack is available at the phonograph by the exit door, where the player can listen to all the music of the game by name.

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