Humanoid, possibly homunculus


Gardener, handyman, servant


Bare hands, grip



Voice Actor

Lex Lang and Clement von Frankenstein

Debilitas is the gardener and caretaker of Belli Castle. Debilitas is initially shown playing with dolls, and upon first seeing Fiona, he believes that she is a big doll, and attempts to catch her. One way Debilitas can kill Fiona is by holding her in a bear hug and breaking her spine.

Story (spoilers) Edit

Debilitas is a huge, deformed man with the intelligence of a young child. He sees Fiona as a doll, and takes great effort in chasing her down to hold her. Debilitas seems to be easily agitated but also quickly excited. He expresses hate towards Hewie, possibly hinting that he has previous experience with the dog, and will not hesitate to kick or hit Hewie. Fiona eventually Voice Debilitas in the castle's church, with the option of leaving him alive (using the chandelier) or killing him (alchemic items/Hewie). Choosing to kill Debillitas leads to ending B, while leaving him alive with give the player ending A on a first run-through (ending C becomes available after beating the game once, where the player can meet Debilitas again and receive the Castle Gate Key). If left alive, Debilitas views Fiona as an angel rather than a doll.


  • Debilitas is unique in that he is the only stalker who does not want Fiona's Azoth.
  • Debilitas is the only antagonist who can be left alive upon completion of the game, with the exception of Ending C, which leaves all antagonists alive.
  • It is possible that Debilitas is a homunculus created by Riccardo, as Debilitas only listens to Riccardo, but due to his inferior mind, was considered a failure.

Alternate ScenesEdit

  • If Debilitas chases Fiona up the stairs and around to the ledge in the Diorama Room, a cutscene can be triggered where Hewie (in full health) knocks him off the edge. Different scenes will occur if Hewie is low on health and if Fiona is without Hewie entirely.
  • Fiona can order Hewie to attack Debilitas from the hole where he retrieves the study key, which results in an alternate scene.
  • Debilitas can be lured onto the collapsing balcony and fall, instead of Fiona, if the player throws the Bisque doll onto it.

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