There are six main characters in Haunting Ground, and some smaller enemies.


Fiona BelliEdit

Fiona is a college student who takes some time away to visit her parents. Following a tragic accident, she awakens in a strange castle and is determined to find a way out. Fiona is very clumsy and easy to panic; bugs, loud noises, and frightening images will set her on edge. Fiona encounters several people and creatures throughout the game, most importantly Hewie, who is her only companion.


Hewie is the white German Shepherd Fiona meets early in the game, and serves as Fiona's companion and protector as she wanders through Belli Castle. Hewie is fiercely loyal to Fiona and is extremely helpful in warding off enemies and picking up items. His survival and treatment are an essential part to completing the game with certain endings. It is hinted in Riccardo's chapter that he may have once owned Hewie, whether as a lab animal or pet. Hewie is well-trained and evasive, and the dog training grounds outside of Fiona's room may have been for him.


Debilitas, is Fiona's first pursuer in the game, and a deformed and lumbering giant with the mind of a child. He has an affinity for dolls, and, upon seeing Fiona, believes her to be one as well. Debilitas has the ability to crush Fiona in a bear hug, showing that he is incapable of restraining himself, as his Bisque doll is also bruised and broken.


Daniella is the beautiful castle maid and cook, although her movements and emotions are cold and robotic. She expressed envy of Fiona's body and relentlessly pursues her with a shard of glass, or, if encountered in an alternate scene, a fire poker.


Riccardo acts as the castle's keeper, and for a brief period, commands Debilitas to leave Fiona alone. Early on, however, he shows that he has ulterior motives. He is Fiona's third pursuer, and chases her with a pistol which he fires aimlessly to frighten her.


Lorenzo is the owner of Belli castle, and seemingly a friend to Fiona. Throughout the first three quarters of the game, he leaves Fiona letters and hints as to where to go next and who to trust. However, he might not be as trustworthy as he seems.

Other Enemies (see Main Article)Edit


These little blue orbs follow Fiona's Azoth scent and crash into her, emitting a loud noise and causing Fiona to panic. When a Luminessant breaks, a stalker is sure to be nearby.


Homunculi are man-made creatures, such as Daniella, who roam aimlessly through Belli Castle and pose no real threat to Fiona. There are smaller fetal Homunculi who will, however, attach themselves to Fiona and shriek until Hewie attacks them.

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