Items are created in the alchemy hole by using a sephiroth and different medallions. How many spheres connect, and what colors they are, help determine what item Fiona will receive.


A sephiroth

White AlchemyEdit

  • 2 connected: Carbo
  • 2-3 connected: Nigred, Remedium
  • 2 or more connected: Quies, Mundus
  • 3 connected: Torva
  • 3 or more connected: Recreatio, Sedetio
  • 7 or more connected: Equipment, Fortis

Blue AlchemyEdit

  • 2 connected: Esca
  • 2 or more connected: Benneman Esca, Magna Esca
  • 3 or more connected: Sylvesta Esca

Red AlchemyEdit

  • 2 connected: Torva, Weltigo
  • 2-3 connected: Antimony Powder
  • 2-4 connected: Magnesia, Refined Antimony
  • 2-5 connected: Refined Magnesia
  • 3-5 connected: Weeping Stone
  • 4 or more connected: Prima Magnesia, Antimony Tube

Green AlchemyEdit

  • 2 connected: Weltigo
  • 2 or more connected: Medallion, Album Medallion, Viride Medallion, Rubrum Medallion, Viola Medallion
  • 4 or more connected: Equipment, Fortis
  • 5 or more connected: Magist Medallion

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